Vote for Brum-folkers: Gurdan Thomas

A Press Release we can’t be bothered to rewrite, but that might interest you:

The Reeperbahn Festival takes place in Hamburg, Germany between 23rd and 25th September. In association with festival sponsor Simple Shoes the organisers have been running an online competition for a place on the bill and Birmingham-based folk collective Gurdan Thomas have made it down to the final few.

The band are signed to our label, Commercially Inviable Records, and will release their 3rd album, "The Fat Lady Sings", in September. A place on this bill would really help them (and us) promote their release. As part of the competition the band were asked to make a video, which they did, and this went live on the competition site today to mark the beginning of the final stage, which is a first-past-the-post vote. It would be great if you could spread the word via your sites and encourage Birmingham's online community to get behind the band. It only takes a moment to vote and the competition runs until 16th August.
LINK TO VIDEO – if you want to embed it, please do so with our blessing. Most importantly, here's the LINK TO THE VOTING PAGE


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