Smileymic Live Filming – Your Invitation

A Press Release we can’t be bothered to rewrite, but that might interest you:

We would like to invite you to Smileymics live set at The Free Love
Club, The Yardbird,  Birmingham on 5th September 2010 from 6.30pm –
10pm. The set will be filmed for use as his promotional video.

Smileymic is a modern day one man band, creating his loops live on
stage by beat-boxing, triggering samples and playing instruments
including guitar, bass, keyboard, glockenspiel and cow-bell! In under
two years his one man show has seen him go from winning a local battle
of the bands competition to playing body art, snowboarding and VW
festivals to opening for acts like Son Of Dave, Ugly Duckling, The
Heavy and De La Soul. Expect anything from acoustic songs to old
school hip hop and always a crowd pleasing cover or two.

Check him out at or

The Free Love Club Anti folk festival will also include the artists
Killing Fields of Ontario, Jim Alloye, Lp45, Dominic Crane, Chloe
Juliette Evans, Brains For Breakfast, Angela Armstrong, David Lloyd
Henry & Odell Millen, Graham Spencer (Urbangulf), Kieran Lawrence, &
The Rogue State Circus.


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