The films of Lizzy Piffany – premiering at art show

A Press Release we can’t be bothered to rewrite, but that might interest you:

You are heartily invited to the premiere of my first two short
documentary films, Synchronicity: In Search of the Unus Mundus and
Dawn (synopses below and I’ll be posting clips on my blog before
Saturday morning).

From Saturday 12th to Saturday 19th June (excluding Sunday) they will
both be running on a continuous loop at the School of Art, Maple Road,
Bournville (the college on the green) as part of a degree show
featuring a plethora of other artists.

The private view of the show (with free wine and cake) takes place on
Wednesday 16th June from 6pm to 8pm, with a special “friends & family”
screening of my films beginning at 5pm that day, to give my loved ones
a chance to see the film before the hoards start arriving at 6 (feel
free to join us).

Entry is free at all times. See my blog or the degree show blog for
further information:

Dawn (2010)

“The great Lizzy Piffany is being evicted – due to subsidence.”

When my best friend and ex-boyfriend Tim started seeing a new girl and
he stopped coming round to mine to watch Big Brother every night, the
ground literally gave way beneath me. But something was waiting there
to catch me, and it changed my life forever.

Dawn is my Dorothy journey: the story of my adventure through danger
and disappointment to realise my own magic, and find my way forwards
to a new understanding of “home”.

Synchronicity: In Search of the Unus Mundus (2009)

When synchronicity happens to you, you know there is real magic in the world.
Technically it’s happening all the time – the whole universe is one
great big unfolding pattern of synchronised actions and atoms where
all the pieces fit magically and mathematically together. But it takes
a meaningful coincidence – or, as was the case in my awakening, a
whole week of them – to prove it to your rational mind.

Synchronicity: In Search of the Unus Mundus is the record of my
attempts to catch synchronicity on camera, with surprisingly
meaningful results.


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