Brum’s Worst Band Name

Note, not worst band. We like some of the bands listed.

You can be a great band and have an appalling name, or at least you can have hit records and have a shite name (Audio Bullys — sort the grammar out thickos) or have a good frontman and a guitar genius and have a shite name (The Tears — as it eye water leakage or ripping? sort it out). You can certainly come from New York and have a shite name, and that’s where we’ll be shamelessly half-inching this idea from.

“band names have only gotten more loathsome ever since we ran out of words back in 1993.”

Annually* BiNS in association with the The Big Paws will be launching the hunt to find the worst band name in Brum. The rule:

1. The band must actually play shows in the city. Anyone can name a bedroom project Private Lynndie England & The Ball-Pointer-Atters but it takes real nerve to actually book a show and put it on a flyer.

Here are some to think about:

Rase — decent indie pop, but can’t work out how to pronounce it, doesn’t mean anything… don’t think you’re allowed to make up your own words

The Graham Parsnip Liquidiser Torture Think-Tank (revival) — you’re funny, this screams *wacky*, we _get_ it, but we get bored typing it.

The Black Acid Band – using the word ‘acid’ doesn’t make you cool, you’ve got to use it in a cool sentence. Dull.

Tiny Cinema – every band is called ‘Cinema’ these days, at least it isn’t Bombay Tiny Cinema Club.

Nominate your housemate’s awful projects, your brother’s Oasis covers band called ‘Anorak’… no prises.

*if we remember

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