Making it up as we go along

Part of the build up to Brum’s City of Culture bid is the Canvas Birmingham site, where people can either say what culture they enjoy in the city or suggest odd ideas that they’d like to see. No idea is odder than the concept of a week long play version of a Cliff Richards film, but that’s what I wanted.

Fierce have produced a ‘fantasy’ festival programme — which features some of the best ideas, including a giant sculpture of Spaghetti made out of spaghetti and art on the buses (go see it all here). And the Cliff Richards play:

BBI FINAL_lo.pdf (page 13 of 16)

By the way, if you still haven’t seen the film it’s online here.

It did amuse me a lot to see how the Mail couldn’t really cope with the idea of a ‘fantasy’ brochure and think that the ideas are going to happen.