Back in Fàshiön

(Self)-Published by the brilliantly named Brummie Git Press Luke James’s Stairway To Nowhere is out now. He says it’s “the true, unexpurgated, and twisted story (with pictures) of the original line-up of Fàshiön (1978-80)” and who are we to argue — the singer should know.

Stairway To Nowhere by Luke James in Biographies & Memoirs

It’s available for just under a tenner as a book and at £3.19 as a download, both from

If you’re not aware of them, the blurb might well sell it to you:

“Stairway To Nowhere is the true story of late 1970’s, Birmingham, UK band Fàshiön.
In the brief spotlight of their fifteen minutes of fame, Fàshiön toured both the USA and UK as opening band for The Police, did a UK club tour with a then unknown band from Ireland called U2, opened for The B52’S on their first ever UK tour, and had a new band called Duran Duran open shows for them.The book tells the story of how four young, unemployed working class gits from the gutters of Brum donned make-up, attitude, weird clothes and swaggered forth to escape the dreaded clutches Birmingham’s car factory mentality by conquering the music business.
On their voyage of escape and discovery, Fàshiön encounter a plethora of the music industry’s sickest practitioners. Join them on their headlong flight up the stairway to nowhere, as they cobble together some of the most innovative and original pop music of the time.”

There are a couple of free, previously unreleased Fàshiön MP3s for anyone who buys a copy of the book.

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