Month: March 2010

Eastside, East of Westside

Here’s a tweet I saw the other day, a sentiment we’ve all heard (and maybe said) before: “Wish Birmingham’s creatives would shout louder about the great stuff that goes on in the city”. There are lots of good things, but…

Back in Fàshiön

(Self)-Published by the brilliantly named Brummie Git Press Luke James’s Stairway To Nowhere is out now. He says it’s “the true, unexpurgated, and twisted story (with pictures) of the original line-up of Fàshiön (1978-80)” and who are we to argue…

Birmingham community museums reopen this week

Aston Hall, Blakesley Hall, Sarehole Mill and Soho House open their doors again from April 2. Open every week – Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 4pm – until October 31. [link]

Project Brutal

Do you want to get involved with celebrating and documenting the wonderful Central Library building? You do? Good here's the place: [link]