Alien vs Editor

MoD's records of UFO sightings border on absurd | World news | The Guardian

All the papers have gone with the release of the MoD’s records of UFO sightings, and published drawings of them (like this one seen in Smethwick). I’m not surprised that they’re all talking about it, as it’s nice safe weird news, but am rather disappointed that no-one can describe a long triangular prism thing without calling it a “toblerone”.

We’ve seen people reporting all sorts of nonsense like in “Kingstanding at 4am on March 18, 1997 when a man claimed to have discovered an illuminated blue triangle hovering over his garden.”

Lot of drugs about in the late 90s weren’t there?

And as for the Smethwick, there’s surely a claim for some copyright over the design of the Tardis…

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