Keep your bins in out of the cold

The council’s bin men have obviously got an even harder job in these conditions, but whoever is supplying information to theĀ  Weather disruption page on the website is living in a fantasy land.

“If your collection was missed today please remove the bags or boxes from the roadside where feasible and store them as usual. We will endeavour to collect your items as soon as possible or on the next scheduled collection for the particular service affected.”

“We are committed to clear any backlog over the next few days, weather permitting.”

A fantasy land of the past where bin men got bags from your bins rather than you having to put them at the edge of the road. If they’re going to come round as-and-when to clear the backlog they you obviously need to leave them out.

1 comment for “Keep your bins in out of the cold

  1. dp
    17 January 2010 at 2:19 pm

    You be livin' on the wrong road then. My binmen mostly collect the bags from inside the black bins alongside the house. They do occasionally forget, but then the bags pile up, and so they tend to remember within a fortnight. Fortunately my rubbish was collected as scheduled. Not so for the peeps around the corner, who not only had a heap o' bags on the pavement for two weeks, but the halfwits who park up the kerb drove over them in the snow and spread rubbish all up the street. I don't suppose anyone will clear that up, and it will get blown into people's gardens.

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