Editing history?

Totally Bone doesn’t enjoy The Editors cursory tour of Brum:

“how many musical visionaries have set their sights on obscurity, losing their way in the second city’s suburban maze, unable to find the golden thread for constant mess of backbiting, shit stirring, slander and pub sets. And the few who do make it? They’re often so bad that you wish their waxy appendages would hurry up and melt so they’d plummet off the radar. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of The Editors the subject of tonight’s 360 session – a typical Channel 4 stab at trendy programming – which sees the band leading us on a entirely token tour of a city they’ve all but disowned.”

or maybe just doesn’t enjoy The Editors (or is it just Editors). For what it’s worth the drummer still lives in Selly Park. The programme will do doubt turn up over and over again on E4 should you wish to watch.