Capsule – Brummie of the Year?

With voting now open for Brummie of the Year, we’re going to take a look at all the candidates. This time multi-headed metal machine, Lisa and Jenny from Capsule:

Yin and Yang by pennymcconnell on Flickr

Yin and Yang by pennymcconnell on Flickr

(not a great photo, but the only one I can find of them together…)

Everyone knows what Capsule do, don’t they? Let’s get Pete Ashton to explain:

“in 1999 Jenny Moore and Lisa Meyer decided they were fed up with travelling to see bands they liked so they started putting on gigs in Brum. In 2003 they put on a big gig and called it Supersonic. Now ten years on they’re put on hundreds of gigs and the Supersonic Festival is a world-renowned event. They don’t operate in a vaccum though, often working with arts and culture people across the region and have started the Home of Metal project to cement Birmingham’s reputation as the birthplace of heavy metal.”