The King of Brum Rock ‘n’ Roll

I interrupt scheduled snaking to bring a plea from me Dad (Alan):

Last Saturday I went to the Barn Social Witton , to see  Brum Rocked with Bev Bevan, Trevor Burton, Raymond Froggatt, Danny King, plus three other superb musicians. I saw a similar show last year at Sutton Town Hall ,with Laurie Hornsby, and that was the first time I had really heard of Danny King .

During the the show at the Barn, Bev Bevan and Trevor Burton praised Danny, for the part he played in the Birmingham rock scene and how he gave some of our top Brummie stars their chance by having them in his various bands.  The show itself was great , lots of rock, Move numbers and also Froggie, but Danny— probably because of his age — took my eye. Here was  a man who way back in the late 1950s, was the top man in Brum rock and roll, here in 2009 still rocking, and doing it superbly.

I have since gone back to my books to learn more about those times, and reading the Laurie Hornsby books Brum Rocked and Brum Rocked on, both excellent books might I add. Danny is even on the cover of the second book. Danny had various bands: Danny King and the Dukes -D. K. and the royals and D. K. and the Mayfair set. Danny was I think the first Brummie Rock star to get a record contract (with Decca), but he was not impressed with the type of songs they gave him or the choice of backing musicians he just gave it up and came back  to Brum.
Danny even took his bands to Germany before the Beatles.

Danny even got himself a “proper job” to appease his family — for Dixons — but I think he still did his bit for rock and roll when he could.

We have the Walk of fame , on Broad St. and here is a Brummie who really deserves to be on it. I dont know who proposes stars for this but can they just ask Birmingham’s top bands from the last 50 years and I think they would all say Danny King is THE MAN.

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