Tennis Player Scratching Her Brum

I was watching a documentary on BBC Two fronted by Sue Perkins last night — what would the world of semi-serious middlebrow TV have done if she’d stayed working with Mel? — focusing on popular art. You know the sort of stuff that is popular rather than art for the most part. It covered the Green Lady, the airbrush-noir of Jack Vettriano, that sort of thing.

It eventually got to poster art and the most famous arse of the seventies (and no, not Malcolm McClaren):

The Tennis Girl - the most published photograph in the world. Photographer and copyright holder Martin Elliott. The Tennis Girl Poster

Photographer Martin Elliott was interviewed and I could detect a hint of Brum in his accent — some research later and we find that the photo was taken on Birmingham University’s tennis courts. Fiona Butler the model was from Stourport — but I think it’s a shot we can claim.

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