Friday Photo by Karen Strunks

Bodies Revealed Exhibition Custard Factory Birmingham by Karen Strunks 20

Reaching out from beyond the grave…… Sorry, that’s a rubbish intro!

But have you heard what has come to town?! It’s the controversial Bodies Revealed exhibition and it’s being held at the Custard Factory in Digbeth.

From the website:

Using real human specimens, painstakingly prepared and respectfully displayed

The Bodies Revealed exhibition lets visitors of all ages explore deep within the human body in a way that informs but doesn’t overwhelm.

It opens today and is running until January, maybe longer if the demand is there.

I got a sneak preview of the exhibition at the press day on Wednesday, and it really is a unique way to view and learn more about the human body. I found it fascinating and a bit surreal. If you would like to see more photos, pop over to my blog. It’s was very interesting subject to photograph, if not a little unnerving when I found myself getting a little too close to one of the bodies…..!

Have a fab Halloween weekend! See you next week :)

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