Created in Birmingham – Cluedo

Add this to the list of things I didn’t know about Birmingham.

The awesome game Cluedo was created right here in Birmingham and it celebrates it’s 60th Birthday this year.

Read the Birmingham Post’s coverage.


Following some discussion on the twitter it’s generally felt that Mr Pratt, who invented Cluedo, deserves recognition by the local Civic Society and the Broad Street Walk of Fame.

Following my attempts to get John Wyndham on the Walk of Fame I’d like to offer my support to getting the inventor of Cluedo on the walk of fame.

I’d like to see Anthony Pratt get a star on the Birmingham Walk of Stars on Broad Street (he’s created something that’s in the homes of millions of people, he’s given us hours of pleasure, so lets give something back).

So far the walk of fame has celebrated four football related stars (either for teams or individuals), three musicians, two comedians and a radio soap opera, a sports commentator, a radio actor and Julie Walters. All deserving in their ways but I’d like your help to get a well deserving creative genius onto the walk of stars.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to the Walk of Stars home page

2) Put Anthony Pratt in the “name of star” field (You might want to pop “inventor of cluedo” in there too, not sure if the people running the walk of stars would have heard of him)

3) The pop your name and your email address (a fake email won’t help the campaign).

4) Click submit.

5) Bask in the knowledge that you’re helping get a deserving unsung hero of Birmingham on the list of stars to be voted on. If enough people (informally it sounds like 200) support this campaign we’ll see his name appear on the voting list.

To contact the Civic Society please email: and (politely) request to know why there’s been no formal recognition for the work of Anthony Pratt during this year to mark the birthday of Cluedo.

==Further Update==

We move into phase two.

The civic society have been awesome in their swiftness in dealing with a random, out of the blue email from me saying “Why haven’t you done anything?”. To be honest, it sounds like it’d be easier to become a saint than getting a blue plaque.

The civic society are wise people and it seems they have their processes and ways. I also like that this isn’t easy, it shouldn’t be easy to get a blue plaque. Also the society only award two plaques a year.

Turns out the Civic Society has a blue plaque secretary (what an ace job to have!) and her name is Yvonne.

She said in an email

I am able to advise you that Anthony Pratt’s name is on our waiting list for a blue plaque for the year 2013 commemorating not the anniversary of the game but the 110th anniversary of the birth of the inventor.
It is not possible to guarantee that a plaque will be erected as the Board of Trustees of the Civic Society will make a choice of subjects for 2013 from the list at the end of the previous year. Sometimes we have so many applicants on the waiting list that we have to be selective and I have no way of knowing at this stage whether Anthony Pratt will be lucky or not.
Rest assured, however, that he has already passed the first test to get on to the waiting list so we hope he will be lucky a second time in 2012.

So, that’s great news! Well done Birmingham Civic Society for having Anthony’s name on a waiting list.

However, gentle reader, you can still help influence what happens. Email the civic society and tell them how pleased you are that they’ve got Anthony’s name on the waiting list. Also tell them we’ll be back in 2012 to make sure that his name goes to the top of the waiting list.

Tell them: we’re watching.

It also gives us time to plan some awesome Cluedo related fun in the city to coincide with the Olympic Games in 2012.

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