“Birmingham Gateway” have your say.

When you say “Birmingham Gateway” to me I have a vision of looming gates halfway between something from King Kong and the Swords of Qādisīyah, also called the Hands of Victory which stand in Baghdad. The truth, as always, is far less dramatic than the stuff that goes on in my head.

Following on neatly from the awesome find by Karen’s Mum at a car boot sale the council are asking for people to have their say on the proposal for the new “gateway” where New Street Station currently sits.

The online questionnaire is available 12th – 23rd October 2009 by clicking ‘have your say’ on http://www.newstreetnewstart.co.uk. The exhibition will be available on the station concourse at the following times:

Thursday 15th October – 10am-7pm
Friday 16th October – 10am-7pm
Saturday 17th October – 10am-1.30pm

Make sure that you take this chance to let the people who’re running the project hear what you think.