A Car Park Payment Pedant Writes

My favourite car park is Brunel Street car park (new library look-alike, red cage), and it’s even just got a lick of paint. My other half says it’s “too scrapey” (tight corners, lots of pillars), but I love it. I always park there when I’m in town. It’s run by the Council, I’d rather support the city than NCP or someone.

But today, I had a terrible problem. I stayed 3 hours 40. The machine charged me £3.00:

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Whereas the sign tells me “up to 4 hours for 280p”:

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They owe me 20p (and how many other people…?). I’ve sent a stern email, I’ll let you know how I get on.

I’m thinking of writing another to ask why they count in hundreds of pennies.

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