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I hated these “signs” when they appeared. They’re everything signs shouldn’t be: difficult to understand, vague, pointing to places they care about rather than ones you do:

Sign of the commercial times

“It lists shops, or rather it doesn’t list shops it lists ’shopping arcades’ or ’shopping areas’ — and the ’shopping area’ (at least those listed) is not how people navigate. It’s an advert for anything that’s “not the bull ring” dressed up as information, it’s advertorial, it’s more street clutter on an already cluttered New St, and it’s crap. At least it tells you where the train stations are (although not Moor St which is nearest).”

But as I saw yesterday, it’s no longer even pretending to be a sign:


Where’s the justification for more adverts? How are people going to find the Burlington Arcade now?

I’ve mentioned these “Legible London” signs before, but I’ve made a point of checking them out in person now. They’re excellent. The signs are small, buy noticeable,  and in places where you don’t cause a problem or obstruction when standing looking at them. They are of the right scale, built for people that are on foot, showing clearly where you are and what you’re looking at. They list the many different ways people will navigate, landmark, street name, shop, transport stop and they’re everywhere, so even if you’re terribly lost you can almost use them as stepping stones.

Legible London | Home

Please Mr Big City Plan, we can has these instead?

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