Get out.

There doesn’t seem to be an excuse to spend any time in your own house this week:

On Wednesday you can have a drink with internet types at The Anchor, or pop along to The Edge and hack to your hearts content with the fizzPOPpers.

On Friday, the Twitter mafia will be very upset if you don’t get to the Arcadian and “tweet up” (bleeding hell) at Twestival. It’s raising money for the YMCA, so expect more village people references than is healthy.

The whole weekend is covered by ArtsFest — but we need recommendations for anything worth going to during that.

If you’re not all classical fireworks fantasia’d out by Saturday evening, them you could do a lot worse than pop along to the Irish Centre where Rhubarb Radio are hosting an afterparty — will all the more danceable DJs as well as live acts fresh from ArtsFest.

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