Friday Photo by Karen Strunks

Baskerville House rs

He’s a beauty isn’t he? Baskerville House. 71 years old, you know. Built on the former home of John Baskerville,┬áprinter and typographer. It’s now home to modern day office space. And an underground gym I believe.

I waited an age to take this shot on a very busy thoroughfare on Centenary Square.┬áDepending on what I’m after, sometimes people in the shot really works, but on this occasion I wanted to have a clear view. But there was one man who made himself very comfortable by proping himself up again the building with newpaper in hand. I could have asked him nicely to move along haha, but he looked quite settled so I took the alternative option of painstakingly erasing him with photoshop. Gone!

If you fancy having a peek inside Baskerville House, there’s a short video that will take you on a mini tour.

Have a good weekend all! See you next Friday :)