ArtsFest – What to do?

I’ll no doubt do another long an rambling post on “what should be done” with ArtsFest (next weekend chappies) as a whole, but here I want you to collectively tell me what I should go see.

You see, the problem with ArtsFest is that it’s BIG (the “biggest” – not the best – free arts festival in the UK) and not particularly structured — I think curated is the word we’re dancing round. It’s also mostly full of people doing their thang for nowt, so there aren’t many (any almost) names you will have heard of. So it’s impossible (especially on paper) to get a good idea of what’s worth seeing.

But here’s my plan — the vast majority of artists are Brummies, so by the rules of networks someone here must know almost all of them (or know someone, who knows etc…). And let’s face it, we know when our mates are any good. Don’t expect you to say anyone you know personally isn’t worth seeing (if you can’t say anything nice), but if they are then tell us all here in the comments.

The Big Paws is going to send studio dogsbody Dylan to report on what you tell us to go see, and report back.

So do tell (and here’s Matt Somerville’s searchable guide to help).