There is a better way

So says Simon Rattle and the whole hest of the eighties contingent.
There is a better way

Central TV, the council, GKN (remember them?), and Horizon Travel PLC give you 11 minutes on why Birmingham isn’t as black as it’s painted and life is okay for a displaced executive as long as King Edwards School and the Priory Tennis Club are available.

Less than two hours to fucking Brussels, and theatre where you can park, Birmingham is the ideal place for international jewellery dealers dicing with death car-phoning Françoise while only a lunch away from the centre of Europe. And back again for tea in somewhere that looks suspiciously like no-ones’ home.

There is a Brighter Way – and Birmingham is not as shit as you think.

If this was released today there would be riots.

There Is A Better Lifestyle from bounder on Vimeo.

Thank you Gordon.

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