Pan pipe moods

OxjamBrum - The Big Busk

Oxfam aren’t all about helping people in the developing world, they’re also on a mission to save Birmingham from the pan pipes. On the 28th August for OxjamBrum’s ‘Big Busk’ to raise money the council has turned over all its ‘busk stops’.

“Eight of the city’s home-grown musicians will busk at the following locations:

  • Centenary Square: at the end of the raised flower bed and in front of the REP
  • Victoria Square: in front of the phoenix statue which is to the left of the fountain
  • New Street: outside Pertemps and to the right of the main door
  • New Street: outside HSBC bank
  • Edgbaston Street: in front of the side elevation of Wagamama’s
  • Edgbaston Street: between New Look and Sports World
  • High Street: in between phone box and circular advertising column in front of Thornton’s and HMV
  • Cherry Street: near Temple Row and in front of the cash machines which are at a raised level”

Big-Chief-Busks-With-Recoder, won’t be featuring. I don’t think.

Big Chief Busks-with-recorder

More details and info about other stuff that’s happening over at the OxjamBrum website.