Harry Palmer: The Eccentic City £3 funding aid appeal

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For some readers, you might be aware that The Eccentric City – the world’s first dedicated eccentric tabloid newspaper, is co-published/founded by myself and Simon Walker. As part of our investment of all things eccentric, we have delved into the triumphs of commissioning, giving away £1 each month to a much needed inspired eccentric idea.

We have commissioned all sorts of things from a fairground Buddhist video ride, through to an on the spot commission in which we later received a 200 word letter from a person sharing his life time philosophy. We have sought to inspire work by those who have written stories on sheets of foil through to seed planting in brownfield estates… All of this can be read (with updates as we get them) at www.eccentriccity.co.uk

£3 Urgent Appeal.

This month we have commission Anna Chrystal to make her personal version of a snow globe (quite fitting for this winter season, sorry, summer season). Anna is requiring £3 in addition to the £1 we have just sent to her. The art work will involve her interest in fantasy and photo documentary which will include a Tudor twist. So if anyone can help The Eccentric City and Anna to realise this commission and send some money, please do drop me an email at eccentriccity(at)hotmail.co.uk

In return for helping finance with this extra bit of money required, we will send you a personal signed copy of The Eccentric City – K/3 The cockerel that beareth.

Please note, that as commissioners, The Eccentric City does not place any pressure on the recipients to achieve all what they set out to do…..but that’s not to say we love to enable the possibility as a reality of course. Some things need a little faith! Your cash might just swing the balance!

-Harry Palmer
Editor / CoFounder.
On behalf of The Eccentric City.

About Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer is an eccentric archaeologist who has, for many years, actively explored places, spaces and people, circumstances and situations. From early work from the mid 1990s as a reverse pedestrian world record attemptee, through to conversations with Catfish specimen masters and friendships with allotment champions, Mr Palmer has taken it upon himself to joyfully roam and enquire (within) here on planet earth for a sustained period since his birth…
Harry is the co-founder and research editor-in-chief of The Eccentric City newspaper – the world’s first dedicated eccentric tabloid newspaper

Forthcoming events: Eccentric Treasure Hunt across Birmingham (UK). Also, touring talks and visits. For more information and updates www.eccentriccity.co.uk

Harry Palmer’s Life and times of a Submerging Artist 1990-2009 pending www.harrypalmer.co.uk