Bathe your eyes

Pool 1 (First Class mens) by editorialgirl on Flickr

Pool 1 (First Class mens) by editorialgirl on Flickr

Beautiful set of pics from inside Moseley Road Baths from this weekend’s Birmingham Flickr meet. They’re the work of Emma Jones,  who has certainly developed an attachment to the building:

it’s in a dreadful state. There seem to be a lot of little things that could be done to save disaster in the future, but it’s almost as if they’re letting it run down on purpose.

For example, there’s a pinhole leak in a water pipe above the unused pool. All it would take to fix it is a stepladder (it’s not very high at all) and some epoxy tape (or even a bit of rubber and a pipe clamp, which would last a few years)… but no.

Instead, this tiny leak has already rusted all the metal in the seats and railings on the two stands below it, decayed all the plastic and rubber on the two floors – and is presumably therefore destabilising the structure underneath.

The Friends of Moseley Road Baths are having another fundraiser on the 14th Aug — and the old place can certainly do with the love.

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