What should go on top of the Rotunda?

The Rotunda was very well refurbished and looks great (apart from the flats where the tennants decide that behind their curtain is the best place to hide stuff – it’s a window people, we can see your washing). But the top hasn’t been finished.  You may have seen the eye that was on a video screen, staring down the barrel of Digbeth High Street at the tyre campanille and the bad mural on the wall of the Irish Centre – well that was a trial for a planned 360 degree video screen.

A trial that went well enough to become the “Rotunda LED Art Gallery” plan, I’m guessing. But not well enough to escape AWM cuts.

It was where I originally envisaged the “Is Brum Happy” indicator should go. I’m guessing that’s not going to happen, so what should we put there? Anyone for the coke advert back?

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