021 in the Area

The makers of the spangly Fused magazine have gone all What’s On-y. Which is good, because:

a) What’s On was never very cool, &
b) it’s shut down.

Area is the new “pocket sized” (or A6 in grown-up terms) “pocket guide” to what’s going on in and around Brum. It’s going to be monthly, although the first issue is a July/August double issue as “everyone’s on holiday and not much goes on”. It looks lovely. It’s got listings and writerly things from top people such a Danny Smith (whose new “wordcast” you should check out). It looks like this:

The First Issue of AREA 2013 July/August 09 « area magazine

And for those of you not hip enough (myself included) to be anywhere it’s distributed the first issue is online (and I link directly to page 18 because I wrote it, and I’m vain).

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