Spot the afro, but where?

This photo is on the back cover of a 2007 compilation of the work of the 60s psych-rock Brummie band ‘Breakthru’ (Adventures Highway).

From the liner notes they released one (not self penned) single “Ice Cream Tree” (produced by Mike Batt!) which didn’t fly.

Breakthru - Adventures Highway, Back Cover
Click through to Flickr to see it slightly bigger.

The photo is of them playing on a roof in the centre of Brum, as far as I can tell – the sign obscured by the afro points left to Digbeth, right towards (I guess) the Coventry Rd.

Main clue is the shop Hardy & Co in the background, the print is pretty low res and blowing up doesn’t help much.

So, where do you think it is?

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