Runners, look what’s going to be there, perhaps

Over on Brumblr it’s been noticed that the route for this year’s Brum Half Marathon has been released. It’s flatter and therefore faster (in keeping with it being part of an official championships) and this time mainly does the Perhsore Road rather than any part of North Brum.

What’s odd (apart from irrelevantly calling it the “race against climate change” again) is the addition of “visitor attractions” to the map. Are the runners likely to care? Landmarks for navigation I could understand. But even if you think that the attractions are for the benefit of spectators, the addition of the “visitor attraction” which is the site where building hasn’t even started to begin, that’s still a car park and some shrubs:

2009EDFroutemapBHM.pdf (1 page)
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Come, it says, gaze at our future through tired eyes.

You too can squint at the badly jpeg compressed text served up as a PDF on the race website.

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