Friday Photo By Karen Strunks

St Martin's Chruch, Bullring, Birmingham at 4am by Karen Strunks

St Martin's Chruch, Bullring, Birmingham at 4am by Karen Strunks



Put the date in your diaries and tell your friends. The 4am Project has announced a new date – 4am on 21st June which is on a Sunday! It is also Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. The sun will rise in London at 4.42 am. It’s going to be a beautiful time of day to capture!

There is a theme this time around for the Project. It is street signs and/or shadows. With the sun rising when it does on this morning it will be great to capture the first shadows of the day breaking over the city.

I am organising a 4am photo walk AND picnic!

On the last 4am photo date on the 4th April I organised an outing to Birmingham New Street and Birmingham Wholesale Markets and we were all able to enjoy a very hearty breakfast at the market’s cafe. Unfortunately the cafe is closed on Sundays, so bring a flask and a butty and we can relax after the photo walk with our special early morning city picnic! It will be a first!

We will meet at St Paul’s Square just before 4am and the walk will take a loop around parts of the city including the canals. Out photo journey will end back at St Paul’s Square were we can picnic on the grass.

I hope you can all come along and join in. You don’t have to come along to take part in the 4am project on 21st June – of course you can stay closer to home, but you are more than welcome to come along for the 4am photo walk and picnic! See you there! :)

Also, the 4am Project has entered the Digital Press Awards and as some of you may be aware voting is now open. The 4am Project has great competition for the Digital Award. If you could spare a vote for the 4am Project it would be very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project since it began by taking part, offering their skills, time and enthusiasm. Please visit the Digital Press Awards website to place your vote.

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