Don’t tell Mrs Crevatte

“‘Mystery in Stone’ has travelled around the world to much acclaim from art collectors and the public and this stunning collection returns to the Birmingham Botanical Garden & Glasshouses for another season. The sculptures will be on display inside the glasshouses and outside around the gardens” (Via Spaghetti Gazetti)

It’s at the Botanical Gardens from Tuesday 9th June until September (open daily from 9.00am (10am Sundays) until dusk).

It’s no doubt great; if you like flowers and that the Gardens is lovely. Here’s one of the exhibits:


Look a teeny bit familiar? (I’m no sculpture expert):


Yes that’s right “Aphrodite by the water hole” by Anthony Aloysius St. John Hancock. Nice to see the lad ‘imself’s work has influenced art around the world.

(from The Rebel)