Band a Day for Birmingham Music Month – June 30th

Athletico Spizz 80 – Effortless Do A Runner

And that’s it, a full month of Brum music videos — loads of bands I’d have liked to have picked had no YouTubery to embed, but what’s even more remarkable is that we’ve got through the month without repeating what’s been on the Brum Music Month blog (a couple of bands perhaps…). So there’s 60-odd top Brum tracks you might not have thought of, enjoy it all.

Brum music month

June is Birmingham Music Month, so get off your arses and talk Brum Music, make Brum Music, promote Brum Music, listen to Brum Music and have fun with Brum Music. BiNS is showcasing a Brummie Music vid every day in June, The Big Paws had a Brum Music Special (listen here) and you can do whatever you likes…