Hustle worth the hastle?

Back in March we mentioned that the next series of Hustle was to be filmed in Brum — the man from UNCLE is thinking about living in the Rotunda. It’s now official, as Screen West Midlands are announcing it and their involvement/investment in making it happen.

Whether they need to pay to make things like this happen is up for discussion, if major drama series can’t survive without “funding” what hope for any television production? But it is important where telly happens — even if it really shouldn’t matter were programmes are located.

Take The Gadget Show for example, a show about gadgets, it doesn’t matter a jot for the content of the programme but place does influence attitudes and the Birmingham-ness of the Gadget Show does seep out. When demonstrating video blogging the slightly odd older bloke ranted about how nice Central Library was, ELO is used on the soundtrack a little more than it probably should be and when they do little location pieces it’s often Brum in the background. Good for us, good for the city’s self image.

We want “the con” to be “on” in Mr Egg.