Friday Photo by Karen Strunks

The Piccadilly Arcade is a shopping area based just off New Street and it is home lots of unique non-high-streety shops. I was having a stroll through the arcade and noticed for the first time, some beautiful murals on the ceiling. I’ve tried to do a bit of googling but couldn’t find any information about who is behind the artwork or how long it’s been there.

I took a few pics, but there are far more murals than I have captured. They really seem to tell a story, a kinda dark story too if you look at the sample pics. Are those people standing over a grave? Someone seems to be making a panicked phone call. The skies are dark and stormy…… It’s all very intriguing.

Next time you are walking along New Street, pop into the Piccadilly Arcade, have a look at the fabulous shops and don’t forget to look up!


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