Birmingham still “vibrant”

There’s a, probably apocryphal tale, about a Soviet “long lasting lightbulb”being invented — it was a big splash story one day in Pravda, but from thereon in got less and less interesting, ending up with the tiny phrase ‘light bulb still on’ appearing every day in a tiny corner. And that’s how I felt about this story in the Birmingham Post this morning:

Birmingham Post - News - West Midlands News - Lonely Planet hails 'vibrant' Birmingham
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The Lonely Planet says Birmingham is a “vibrant city”. Nice, but not new. Not “news”.

Because they said that in 2005:

TOP GUIDE SAYS VISIT TO 'VIBRANT' CITY IS A MUST: BUZZING BRUM; Tourists - make a beeline towards.(News) | Article from Birmingham Evening Mail (England) | HighBeam Research
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and in 2007:

BBC NEWS | UK | British are 'obsessed with fame'
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and are saying at the moment (in the guide online — not updated yet):

Birmingham Travel Information and Travel Guide - England - Lonely Planet
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So, Birmingham still “vibrant” then, carry on, as you were.