Whatever happened to?

Route Map
“A services database for the creative industries in Birmingham, updated by the industries themselves, giving up to date information 24 hours a day.”

BIG Marketplace

“Birmingham Industry and Genius marketplace (BIG). A unique online resource providing business opportunities for creative and non-creative industries. The site is now fully functional and we are inviting new talent to upload their portfolios and for businesses to upload their business opportunities.”

“An exciting new distribution channel for all genres of music in Birmingham, the site incorporates digital radio stations, the showcasing of local talent and considerable industry knowledge. It is also a point of reference for local musicians.”

Knowledge bank
“A portal for people in the creative industries which provides free information, gives access to free courses, helps you improve your skills, and provides support and protection for your ideas.”

Creative Channel Network
“The Creative Channel project offers artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in public spaces.”

I’m assuming funding has run out? What have we learnt from them? Do they leave a gap that needs to be filled?

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  1. Can I have some ERDF money?
    5 May 2009 at 2:04 pm

    This is exactly the problem with Birmingham, too much public money supporting nonviable projects. In fact if you look around you will see that it is nothing more than a solipsistic feeding frenzy where one pointless project supports another pointless project in some kind of grotesque mutual appreciation society. Nothing ever comes of any of it. Thank God for the credit crunch.

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