Friday Photo By Karen Strunks


New Street Station at 4am by Karen Strunks

As part of the 4am Project, which was a global photographic project whose aim was to gather a collection photos from around the world at 4am on 4th April, I had organised a 4am photo walk in Birmingham city centre.
I received permission to photograph Birmingham New Street Station and the Wholesale Markets, so a big thank you to them!
About 35 hardy photographers turned up for this unique view of the city centre. Obviously New Street Station is filled with hustle and bustle, but not at 4am. The photographers could get out their tripods without worrying that a traveller would trip over.
Ironically I took the least amout of photos that morning, but here is one of the few shots I took.
The 4am Project is on-going, so please check out the website and join in the next 4am photo experience! :) 

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