Fooled you, fooled you, I got pig iron

Some lovely April Fools this year, some long and contrived others simple and sweet.

BBC WM’s Phil Upton has been building up his for weeks, here’s what he’s been up to:

“Since last Weds been spinning a tale about a lost friend of mine from Turves Green Boys…Genius/IQ… lost touch… Thursday claim to receive email from his Sister – still in Northfield.. she says he has a job with Google in California!

On Friday he e-mails (!!) he works on Google earth.. we ask him to get the camera to do a sweep of Bham/Black country.. he replies, he will.. next weds morning between 8.57 and 9.00..

Since Monday, I’ve been encouraging listeners to get in position to wave, smile, make a banner, jump up and down at the Google Camera at 8.57am.. in gardens, at work etc…

SO.. 0857 tomorrow.. we’ll be on the roof of the Mailbox waving at the Google Camera !! “

Tuesday 31st’s show was the real set-up – have a listen on the website – top stuff.

Even the Council got in on the act, announcing, a slightly large addition to the Nature Centre:

Birmingham City Council - Home Page
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

And of course, we were joking about banning council employees from BiNS, where else would they find out what was going on? ;)