Digbeth in “all six senses”

Is the promise from Friction Arts, about their new exhibition. No words on whether the “smell” of Digbeth is worth exhibiting, or whether Bruce Willis is dead at the end. Does sound good tho’:

Echoes from the Edge is an interactive exhibition that feature the voices of Digbeth and Highgate, looking at its residents and that reason why people have settled and stayed in the local community.  It features a replica bomb peck and Digbeth pub, objects that are familiar to long-term residents.

The exhibition is running from 23rd April to the 30th May 2009, in collaboration with US company Touchable Stories. Booking in advance is essential and places are limited to 12 spaces for each tour of the installation. You can book  individual or group places in a number of ways these include via the website bookings at www.frictionarts.com/bookings, email us at  info@frictionarts.com or call us on 0121 772 6160