Battery acid

I’ll admit I’d not given the “iconic Birmingham Battery Office” a thought, until I read this in the Birmingham Post about about calls for Sainsbury’s (the current owners) to do something to save it.

by genesis4626 on Flickr

by genesis4626 on Flickr

It looks like it’s about to fall down, and reading this account (and looking at the photos) of someone exploring it, it’s pretty clear that it’s dangerous too. Obviously a decision has to be made one way or the other.

It’s an interesting place historically, but is it worth saving architecturally? Finding photos of the building in anything other than a state of disrepair isn’t easy (although there are a lot of good derelict pictures) — is restoration worthwhile?

There’s obviously a wealth of tales to be told, one security guard says: “I looked through the old accident books and there were reports of horrific injuries, the most common were “kicked by a horse” and “fell on hot slag””. That sounds worthy of a novel…

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