You Can Plan Lozells, but not without effort

From the comprehensive Life in Lozells blog I’ve just found out about a housing consultation — with some exciting computery features. First up, there’s a website —

Vision Lozells - Welcome to the Vision Lozells website
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… which does very little but point you to the exciting You Can Plan Lozells “computer programme” (sic) – “a bespoke 3D virtual environment which allows you to view the proposals interactively in 3D. This software has a number of special innovation (sic) created for the Vision Lozells project “.

Now, I believe far more can be achieved by letting people talk to each other (a la the Big City Talk project) rather that flashy gizmos that people need to learn, but still — Virtual Lozells, that’s going to be exciting, and at least they’re trying something different. But,  it’ll be PC only I think, as a mac user I’ll not be able plan Lozells — wait, there’s a mac version (yay!).

So I dowload, install, agreed to the bizarre Terms and Conditions (no screenshots, not sharing etc.) watched as I trusted Birmingham City Council to install something on my computer, launched and:

YouCanPlan Lozells

Oh. No contact details on the website, nor any readme.txt file with the installer. I’ve found a contact on the last page of a PDF on the site, I’ll let you know how my planning of Lozells goes.

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