Friday Photo By Karen Strunks

Alpha Tower by Karen Strunks

Alpha Tower by Karen Strunks

I’ve never set foot in Alpha Tower. Never taken the lift to the top floor to see the views. In fact, I’ve barely acknowledged it’s existence on the city’s skyline. However, it could prove a good viewing point over the city with the benefit of not being able see Alpha Tower itself!

Sorry, that’s a bit harsh. It’s just that it look like such officious and unwelcoming building and doesn’t do anything to tempt one inside – whether you have any business in there or not. It doesn’t arouse any curiosity. I guess it’s just a bit outdated looking especially since there are new tower blocks on the….erm, block.

Oh great. Now I’m feeling sorry for it.

Here are a few facts about Alpha Tower from Sky Scraper News:

  • Alpha Tower was constructed as part of the ATV Studios being constructed in Birmingham City Centre in 1965.
  • It was completed in 1970 and has been the cities tallest tower block for the last 35 years.
  • Alpha tower lost it’s title of the Tallest tower block in Birmingham when the 130m Holloway Circus Tower was completed mid 2005

Have a great weekend! Until next Friday…