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Couple of interesting emails to BiNS in the past day, both worth bringing to your attention — you may be able to help.

First Jane who’s having comic-based film anxiety:

“I went into London on the train aged 16 and bought my copy the Watchmen graphic novel from the old Forbidden Planet in Denmark St in 1987. I read it from cover to cover in parks, coffee shops and on the train home that day. It was amazing

Yesterday I tried to book cinema tickets for the film I have been waiting 20 years for.

Everyone else in the country can see this film in most regular cinemas as of Friday’s general release, as far as I can tell. But we can’t in central Birmingham. Unless we go to the Odeon – which frankly sucks as a cinema.

the IMAX has cancelled it’s planned showings (we could book tickets last week, it all seemed fine) – this was alleged to be due to a refusal to show 18 cert films, but I’ve called them up leant on them and it’s actually because they could not come to an agreement with Paramount, who decided they wanted much more money than originally understood.

Neither the Cineworld in Broad Street or the AMC at Broadway Plaza have showings. No showings at all. No mention of future showings. I assume this is Paramount as well.

but you can watch it at these chains elsewhere!

it’s an outrage.  or am I just a sad comic fangirl?

*sniff* I’m gutted. really gutted about this. I might have to leave Birmingham to see it. THE HORROR!”

Um, maybe interested parties could club together to get a minibus to Walsall or something??

And a plea for help from Jean about an old Brum photo (which you might know where to find, perhaps):

“Please can you help me to obtaain a print of the 1963 bus with the zoo advert on the side which Bob Warman talked about in ITV Central on 3rd March.”

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