Wholesale changes?

A crucial part in many of the options in the Big City Plan involve the land currently occupied by the Wholesale Markets in the city centre. They would be moved out of town as we’ve mentioned before. It seems, according to Birmingham Central (who read Property Week with the tenacity of a planning bulldog) that the only viable site for this would be what they’re calling ‘Prupim’s Hub‘.

Despite sounding like a statistical function akin to a bell curve and named after a tweedy Anglo-Finnish mathematician, that means ‘The Hub‘, formerly Holford Estates, formerly even to that the old IMI estate in Witton.

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Vaguely handy for the motorway (almost equidistant between Junction 7 of the M6 and Spaghetti) , it’ll be a fair trek across town for fruiteers, florists and fishmongers currently making the short hop across Upper Dean Street. It’s a long way to push trollies, spilling cabbages as you go.