Photo Friday by Karen Strunks

We’re going to try a new regular series on Fridays to make sure I don’t have to do too much work: Karen Strunks is a freelance photographer, who’s doing some really interesting things — her 4AM project especially — so every week she’s going to post one of her shots of Brum, and a little about it:

by Karren Strunks

by Karen Strunks

“The first image I have chosen was taken on a Saturday photo stroll around the city. There’s a walkway that goes over Queensway, and you have to walk up the steps to a bridge to cross the dual carriageway. The staircase isn’t the prettiest, but it is livened up by bright red railings, and of course this nice piece of graffiti. “Everyone loves a cuppa x”. Quite a British sentiment, and I like the added kiss at the end. I’m sure anyone reading this warming sentiment that it will look forward to putting the kettle on and putting their feet up with a nice cuppa when they get home.”

See more of Karen’s work at here website – she’s also trying to organise a flashmob.

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