Friday Photo by Karen Strunks

By Karen Strunks

By Karen Strunks

It’s time for another Friday photo! All the photos featured here will be images of Birmingham; sometimes the city centre, other times, such as this, of the suburbs.

It was early one morning and I was driving to Acocks Green along Broad Road on my way to my photography class. It was a very foggy morning, as you can see. As I was driving along I noticed a park that was particularly atmospheric and had to pull over to see what I could capture.

Normally I go to great lengths to avoid ‘noise’ on photos. However, upon viewing the picture on my computer, and changing it to black and white, the picture just seemed to ask for some. I think with the added graininess the picture harks to another era.

You may see more of my photos on my blog. Until next Friday…!