Art on the busses

Fancy confusing “chaps playing loud hip-hop on their mobiles on buses”? Alicja Rogalska (who you may remember was one of the people on 11-11-11) has a proposition:

All I’d like to ask you to do is to play some rural sounds (birdsongs, dogs barking, etc.) on your mobile whilst on board a bus. Like a flashmob – everybody meets at a bus stop, we all get on a bus (top deck) and play a certain sound at a certain time (yet to be decided). The sounds will be available on the internet to download onto your mobile. All sounds are short (25secs to 1 minute) and designed to create curiosity and amusement amongst fellow passengers rather than  annoyance.

She’s got the sounds available for download and will even spring for your fares. Full details here, and you can contact Alicja through her website.