Month: February 2009

Friday Photo By Karen Strunks

  This 39 story glass structure can be found on Holloway Circus Queensway and at 122 metres it is the tallest building in Birmingham.   Next time you are passing by the Raddison, stand on the pavement and face the…

You don’t have to be posh to see Privilege

The Flatpack Festival draws out another gem with a screening of Privilege —  on 16mm at Ikon Eastside on Sunday 15 March. The film is a 1967 exploration of the power of fame, and has depth and darkness not quite…

Keep Digbeth Friendly

Long preamble to this, but bear with us, it (like all good things do) ends in a song. Here’s what happened: Some people decided to do a Birmingham Twitter Festival. Craig Friends of the Stars offered the band’s services as…

Shefali by Craig Holmes

For the weather presenter fans amongst you, photos that "can be used for everything from web sites to books" – are we going to see or an autobiography? Only time will tell. [link]

Photospace Flash Swap

This is good, but complicated. So take a look at the flyer and read this (copied from editorialgirl): What? Where? When? Photographers of all abilities are invited to bring their work along to exhibit at a spontaneous, free event at…

Jury Service

Reg Eccles was chosen out of 100 people as a juror at the Birmingham pub bombings trial in the summer of 1975. Here’s an interview, longer than the version that made it to Radio 4’s PM. [link]

Apostrophe Mountain

#365 – i’ve discovered where birminghames apostrophes have gone, originally uploaded by star-one. Simon has discovered where Birmingham’s apostrophes have gone.