The transfer window

Okay, let’s have a bit of fun to brighten up a cold dull January. Football now has a transfer window – a short period of time during the season when clubs can buy and sell players – it’s fun for the press, not so much for the managers who have to make quick decisions, er, quickly.

So, hypothetically if there was a celebrity citizen transfer window — when a city could buy or sell residents (or those associated with it, but not living here eg Ozzy) — who would you as “manager” of Birmingham look to bring into your squad? Who would you ship out on loan to Rotherham?

For clarity’s sake, let’s say you must keep the city at the same size — so one it, one out.

Your ‘celebs’ must be of “similar value”, no swapping Paul Henry for Will Smith, we’re not made of fictional celebrity transfer cash.

I’ll start:

IN – Jeremy Clarkson (cos at least he’d stop having a go, and wouldn’t have to “drive around Birmingham” as he’d be driving into it).

OUT – Carl Chinn (lovely bloke, but who outside Brum knows who he is?).

Keep it celeb based (they can take it) and not libellous, but get to it:

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