So who wasn’t quite Brummie of the Year 2008?

Only those of us who can see the final numbers know who is Brummie of the Year 2008, but it’s no secret that some people ran away into a sort of “top four” quite early on in the voting. This becomes a little self-fulfilling, as new voters think “what’s the point in voting for them, they can’t win”. But despite that, all the nominees can feel a little bit proud (if that’s what they would like to feel) to have done good things in or for Birmingham this year.

Roshan Doug (0%, 8 Votes)
Pogus Caesar (0%, 12 Votes)
Helga Henry (3%, 73 Votes) — Despite Helga being nominated a whole ton of times, it didn’t seem to translate into votes. Loved a whole lot by a tight community is just as good as fame tho’, we’re sure.

TWM Driver (4%, 107 Votes) — TWM Driver has spent a good long year producing an episodic chronicle of bus-bound life in Birmingham. Are you a plumber, or a postman or something and want to be in with a shout of Brummie of the Year 2009? Get blogging now.

Adam Smith (aka Steve Zacharanda) (5%, 152 Votes) – With all his interweb publicity you’d have thought that AdamSteve (what’s all that about, anyway?) might have made more of an impact, twas not to be…

But who is Brummie of the Year? Find out soon.

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